This section chronicles episodes from Tuck Self's radio shows--Tuck Talk on the VoiceAmerica network (2009-2010) and Claim Your Voice, Own Your Life on the WebTalkRadio network (current)--as well as podcast episodes recorded exclusively for this website (2007-present).

“Tuck Self, host of Tuck Talk, is a delightful personality with a distinct and unique southern charm. Tuck is the original ‘Rebelicious Rebel Belle’ who will get you thinking about and acting upon being your true self. You will not find a person more sincere and committed to personal growth, development, and fulfillment of your whole being. Tuck is a continual learner and has an innate desire to share with others the discoveries she makes. If you have a company, product, or service and Tuck embraces you, you will most likely become represented in a richly rewarding way. I will always be grateful for Tuck embracing the opportunity to be a show host on the Network and the other talented people she introduced to me.” --Mark Pace, Executive Producer, World Talk Radio LLC

Selected Episodes Filed in finances

Tuck Talk, hosted by Tuck Self