A Li'l Tuck Talk on Liberating Your Rebel!

Rebelution.jpgStep Two: A Tissue For Your Issue!
"A Rebel Belle fully owns that she is the creator of her reality."

• Are you getting everything you want out of life right now?

• Are you enjoying the journey of creating the life you desire?

Or, do you struggle to make life happen for yourself? You're exhausted from pushing and forcing that proverbial rock uphill.
It's time to unleash your rebel spirit, liberate your conditioning and live on your terms.
It's time for your REBEL-UTION!
* Did you know that not having the money you want is entirely about YOUR money issues?
* Not having the body you want is entirely about YOUR body image issues?
* And not having the relationship, job or life you desire is entirely about YOU and your ISSUES?
In Step Two of The REBEL-UTION I share my strategy for overcoming your deepest fears, accessing your power so you can claim the life you desire and deserve.
               "The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off." ~ Gloria Steinem

If you are ready to...
* Liberate yourself from past conditioning and fear.
* Discover how to reclaim your power, passion and voice.

Grab those petticoat ruffles, life that skirt and high step your way to a whole new fun and fabulous life.

Get ready for the juiciest shift of your lifetime!!

Product includes:
* 90 minute Webinar DVD
* MP3 Recording of Tele-Class
* Lesson Two in The REBEL-UTION EBook/Workbook. 

Price: $47