A Li'l Tuck Talk ~ Power, Genius & Magic!

2010-05-tuck-talk2.jpg* Do you know who you are and what you are here to do?
* Do you live every day at your absolute zenith, fully in your power with an open and embracing heart?
What would your life look if you were willing to risk EVERYTHING and DREAM your wildest dreams? What then?


You are Powerful beyond measure. Inside each of you is a spark of Genius. Your Magic is limited only by the way you see yourself

Join me for a li'l 'Tuck Talk'. In this 60-minute webinar. I'll share the 3 Keys to your: 
* POWER: Discover the Power of who you are!
* GENIUS: Unleash your Genius with passion, purpose & a whole lot of play!
* MAGIC:  Express your talent in service to others & experience the Magic that is YOU!
You deserve to live a fabulous life filled to the brim with passion, purpose & boatloads of play!
                                                                                            ~ Tuck, The Rebel Belle
Learn how you can create your life at a level limited only by your imagination....

This Product includes:
* 60 minute Webinar DVD's
* MP3 Recording of Tele-Class

Price: $39