A Li'l Tuck Talk on Human Design CENTERS

small-centers.jpg* Are you boldly expressing your voice to the world, full out and on your terms?

* Or, do you hide your truth and deny your fabulousness?

Perhaps you're working overtime trying to make others happy, holding onto jobs and relationships for longer than is healthy for you. You wonder if you'll ever find your true mate, your purpose in life or achieve the abundance you so rightly desire and deserve. 

Does this describe you?

If so, welcome to Human Design, the energetic blueprint for getting what you want,
falling madly in love with yourself and unleashing a flow of energy that will change your life forever!
Human Design presents you with your very own owner's manual for life. Your
information is presented to you in a body graph, a diagram of nine centers. These
centers represent your mind, heart, feelings, emotions, intuition, and the rhythms
and patterns that govern your movement through life.

Centers tell you what makes your heart sing, what attracts you to certain people, what you're seeking, and where life you're prone to not be your authentic self.
Join me for a li'l "Tuck Talk"(and Part 2 of 3 Webinars) and lively and informative webinar discussion on The Centers in Human Energy Design.

Learn how each center influences your responses to yourself, life, and others; and how having color or a lack of color helps determine the impact of your conditioning.

Unlock your truth. Access the key to your inner power and unleash your talent. Embrace your wisdom in a whole, new empowering way, and experience the life you desire!

Product includes:
* 90 minute Webinar DVD
* MP3 Recording of Tele-Class . 

Price: $39