A Li'l Tuck Talk on Profile and Authority

small-centers.jpgWould you like to trust yourself and the choices you make in every moment of life?
•Would you like to move forward, boldly, and on your terms,  fully guided and aligned with the power of your heart and soul?

Join us for a li'l Tuck Talk ( and Part 3 of 3 Webinar) conversation and learn about your Authority and Profile, the last 2 key elements in your Human Design Chart.
In this 90-Minute Webinar you'll learn about your:

Authority: Your inner compass for decision making and what you can trust within yourself to be your truth.

Profile: Your role and purpose in life, and the final key to your success, prosperity, abundance and fulfillment.

Unlock your truth. Access the key to your inner power. Unleash your genius and discover your inner authority and key to fulfillment in life.

Product includes:
* 90 minute Webinar DVD
* MP3 Recording of Tele-Class


Price: $39