A Li'l Tuck Talk on Human Design TYPES

  • small-centers.jpgAre you living powerfully from your gifts and talents, fully on purpose and boldly on your terms?
  • Or, do limiting beliefs and fears of getting it wrong, limit your expression and stop you from moving forward?
What if there was an instruction manual that could guide and direct your choices, a map of your personal DNA that aligned and empowered your soul?
Human Energy Design, a profound and revealing blueprint of your personal energy signature, provides that map. This powerful personal empowerment tool, will identify your personality, gifts, and talents, your purpose for being on the planet, and the patterns and vulnerabilities that live within you, all by your own soul's design.
Join me for a li'l " Tuck Talk" (and Part 1 of 3 Webinars) for a lively and informative discussion on Human Energy Design, the most 'rebel-utionary' blueprint for Being Who YOU Are!!

You are here for a very specific reason. You may be surprised to learn that YOU
designed your Human Energy in accordance with your intention to live a fabulous
human life. And, inherent in your personal Human Energy Design, there is a way to
chart, examine, and learn effective life-strategies for creating the life, love and work
that resonate with your soul!

In this 1st 90 minute webinar I'll introduce you to design, the key elements in your chart and your one and only unique life strategy for making choices and decisions that create flow and opportunity in your life.

If you are ready to BE Who YOU Are and do what you love, join me for a li'l Tuck Talk. Get ready to discover the most 'rebel-utionary' tool on the planet!

If you don't already have a copy of your Human Design Chart, click here to provide your date, time & location birth information. Your chart will be sent to you prior to the webinar.


Product includes:
* 90 minute Webinar DVD
* MP3 Recording of Tele-Class


Price: $39