A Shared Vision for a Living a Juicy Life!

2010-05-tuck-talk2.jpgImagine an inspired community of individuals who share a vision for life, love and work that resonates with your soul. Imagine their dedication to providing you with their tools, techniques, and expertise with passion, purpose and a whole lot of play.

Welcome to an exciting, rotating panel of four hosts who share an overall vision of life: Tuck Self, profiling empowered women who have overcome fears and obstacles to claim their power; Maggie Self, an advocate for children, bringing progressive ideas to re-envision and transform parenting and education; Roz Adams, "the Hormone Lady® helping us to embrace, accept and own our innate power and pleasure; and Frank Mallinder, "The Wise Coach", who shares practical wisdom for creating joy and abundance. Listen every week for an exciting adventure into your new life!

Join their excitement and a li'l Tuck Talk as they share their vision for loving, working, parenting, being and living a juicy life.