It (Really) Ain't Just a Hot Flash, It's a Personal (& Global) Power Surge!

lissa.jpgThe Dalai Lama recently shared, "Western Women Will Change The World".

Did you know there's never been this many mid-life women surging through the passage of menopause all at the very same time? As a mid-life woman - along with women between 28 and 40 - you're already changing the world, in ways you're not even conscious of. You have much more power than you realize. That power is hidden in the purpose of your soul.

Ladies, meet the wise and deeply skilled, yet irreverently funny Lissa Boles, one of the world's leading experts on Calling & Purpose and Soul Mapper extraordinaire.

Join Lissa for li'l Tuck Talk as she reveals how to find your purpose through Soul Mapping™, and how to use the power of your calling to embrace this collective surge. "It (Really) Ain't Just A Hot Flash - It's A Personal (& Global) Power Surge."