The RAY ~ The Real Authentic You!

TT-Sierra-Sullivan.jpgImagine a magazine that inspires individuality, promotes self love rather than self-judgment. A magazine honoring emotional authenticity, embracing natural beauty, and inspiring deeper connections between women to provide tips and tools for becoming The Real Authentic You!

Meet Sierra J. Sullivan, Founder and Publisher of The RAY magazine: Southern California's fastest growing lifestyle magazine empowering women towards positive living and healthy body image. At a time when print media future is unsure and advertising dollars more selective, Sierra's managed to expand The RAY despite all odds. She's spent the last six years growing The RAY from a tiny little ezine with 30 subscribers to an 84 page full color, glossy magazine reaching over 81,000 readers.

Sierra knows not only how to launch a magazine, but how to launch a dream.

Join Sierra for a li'l Tuck Talk. Learn why you ARE enough, and why the world needs you to nurture yourself. Embrace The Real Authentic You. Discover The RAY.