Singing the Song of Her Soul


Oh the beauty and the innocence of a six year old child! Too young to be self-conscious or care what others think and free enough to sing the song of her soul.

Cathy Bolton, singer, songwriter and international recording artist, sings with the voice of an angel.

Cathy knew as a six-year-old child that music was her gift and one of her Divine Purposes for Being. Drawn to music and the joy it brought to others, Cathy knew music touched people's hearts and lives no matter their gender, race, language, or life situation.

Today she travels the world delivering music, stories and laughter that inspire and touch the heart. As Music Director for the Conversations with God Foundation, she has worked with author, Neale Donald Walsch for the past 12 years. About Cathy Neale says, "The joy, love, gentle wisdom, and deep insight that Cathy and her music bring to the space produce the miracle called Healing. I'm always humbled and inspired by her."

Join me for a li'l Tuck Talk with Cathy Bolton and immerse yourself in the voice of an angel.