Where are All the Good Men? Men, Sex & Relationships

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Are you single and feeling frustrated by repeatedly attracting men who don't value or appreciate you? Or, do you long to let go of the independent "I don't need a man" mentality that keeps you isolated and alone? Maybe your current relationship has become stagnant or lacks intimacy, or it seems like you're settling for less than you deserve.

Meet Dr. Christian Pankhurst, finalist as Britain's Next Top Coach and founder of Embracing Change. Christian's heart-centered approach helps women disarm their mental, physical and emotional defense patterns that prevent them from opening themselves in relationships. Learn to create clear boundaries, surrender to love, and inspire your man to go deep. Re-connect to your true feminine radiance, and empower yourself to choose a partner who will hold you and reflect your magnificence.

Guest Info:

Dr. Christian Pankhurst, finalist as Britain's Next Top Coach, is the founder of Embracing Change, which offers seminars, coaching and training on Heart Intelligence. This skill helps people develop an ability to navigate life's challenges, obstacles and surprises with little or no resistance by following their heart instead of their head.

Christian was a practicing Chiropractor until 2003, when he left the United Kingdom to pursue a career as an inspirational speaker and facilitator while studying with some of the world's most inspired leaders in new thought, health and personal transformation. He spent three years working with best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch and, in 2006, started his own organization working closely with Tej Steiner, a master visionary.