So You Think You're a Good Listener?

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Do you think you're a good listener? Do people listen when you talk? Perhaps you have a listening style of finishing people's sentences, thinking and worrying about what you'll say in response.

Next to breathing, listening is the single most important thing you do. Yet, most people listen at 25% capacity. Imagine the possibility if in all of your relationships, work, family, and areas of life, you could improve your ability to really listen by as little as 10%.

Meet Dr. Carol McCall, pioneer in the coaching industry, acclaimed coach, therapist, educator, entrepreneur and founder of the Institute for Global Listening and Communication, LLC. With more than 40 years experience in communication and personal development, Dr. McCall is best know for her unique style of "laser" communication, free from character judgment, in which individuals turn their desires quickly into commitment and action.

Empower your listening. There's a World Waiting To Be Heard!

Guest Info:

Carol McCall, Ph.D, is an educator, therapist, social psychologist, author, trainer, and lecturer with 40+ years experience in personal development.

Founder of the Institute for Global Listening and Communication, McCall is recognized as a pioneer of the coaching industry and holds the highest designation of Master Certified Coach, M.C.C., from the International Coach Federation. Her book Listen! There's A World Waiting To Be Heard is in its fifth reprint, and her tape series The Empowerment of Listening is forthcoming on CD and mp3.

McCall is also the creator of The Listening Course and The Possibility of Woman workshops, as well a coach-training program, Life Development Coach in Communication. A respected veteran leader, coach, and trainer in the MLM industry since 1990, McCall is widely regarded for her unique listening skills and "laser" communication that moves people quickly from desires into commitment and action.