Nicotine Solutions ~ She's Not Blowing Smoke!

podcast-lela-bryan.jpgAre you a smoker who has tried to stop "cold turkey", only to find yourself irritable, moody, a li'l heavier, and smoking again, and again, and again....?

What if you could ease out of your habit, calmly and comfortably?

What if you could stop smoking, dipping and chewing or using the patch and gum in a way that was: Totally Supportive... Outrageously Effective... Step by Step... AND with a 90% Success Rate?

Meet Lela Bryan and meet Nicotine Solutions. Lela claims she is the world authority on quitting smoking, as she's not blowing smoke! On June 4, 1978, after 16 years of smoking-- Lela Bryan quit smoking--happily and permanently. She finally discovered a way to quit that actually worked. She's been successfully teaching others throughout the US Canada and South Africa, how to quit smoking ever since.

Join Lela and me for a li'l "Tuck Talk" and a SMOKIN' interview.

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You deserve a life where you are looking forward to more than just your next cigarette.