What Kind of Parenting?!? ~ Maggie Self


Parenting, co-parenting, conscious parenting, spiritual parenting, parenting authentically, parenting from the heart...so WHAT IS THIS CRAZE ABOUT PARENTING?  Why so there so many terms and LABELS for parenting?

What does it all mean? Are you doing something wrong? Are you striving to be the perfect parent? What if it you do NOTHING!! What if it is more about what you BECOME, rather than what you do, that creates harmony, family unification and empowerment. In BECOMING, you partner with your child. This is not something you have to DO alone......   

Meet Maggie Self, founder and director of Children of Spirit, an organization dedicated to serving children and their parents by offering a unique spiritual approach to the challenges of raising spirit-based children. Maggie uses the amazing tool of Human Energy Design in her work, a  tool that gives you powerful insight about yourself, and your child's personality, learning styles, self-esteem and self-value, and more importantly feelings and emotions.

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If holding the vision for the highest ideal and potential for your child's truth and genius resonates for you....Meet the amazing Human Design Chart for your child, and Maggie Self.