The Joy Stream ~ Are You In It?

podcast-sheila-steplar.jpg"Turn up the corners of your mouth. Joy is a choice." ~ Sheila Steplar

* Do you believe in limitless possibility?
* Or, do patterns of stress, anxiety and depression limit your joy and bold self-expression?

Would you like to know how to tap into an endless Stream of Joy to create the life you desire ~ easily and effortlessly?

Meet the JOY TEAM of Sheila Steplar and Catherine McCormick: Personal Development for Busy People ~ Your Choice for Lasting Success, and creators of The JoyStream Exercise.

In a world where up to 90% of all diseases are stress related, finding tools that relieve stress, anxiety, or depression while, at the same time empowering freedom, fun, choice and JOY tends to rock my world!

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Take a break from the business of life and join us, and stream a li'l joy!