Just Breathe... with Penny Calcina

podcast-penny-calcina.jpgIf you want to live a spiritual life, bring your attention to your breath. ~ Paul Ferrini

Meet Penny Calcina, creator of the newly released CD, Just Breathe. Penny is owner and founder of earthstarradiance, an outward expression of her own inner journey of self-discovery. A Reiki master, developer and teacher of Meditative Relationship to Self, Penny describes herself as "a regular person with a regular life, filled with regular miracles and regular challenges, and I love every minute of it!"

I was excited to engage in a li'l Tuck Talk with Penny  as we talk about the power of breath, Penny's new CD, and the birth of her new talk show on WOIC AM radio, Your Inner Journey.

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Ahhh... just breathe...