Hypnosis & The Mind/Body Connection ~ Dr. Fredric Mau

podcast-fredric-mau.jpgAre you fully expressing yourself in your work, relationships, health, and personal and spiritual life? Or, do fears, patterns, limiting beliefs and "thinking" hold you back? Are you aware you are what you "think"?

Your body and your mind are linked closely together. When one is healthy, so is the other. When one suffers, so does the other. Hypnosis is a tool for deep purposeful relaxation and creating positive change in both your mind and your body.

Join me for a lively and informative conversation with Dr Fredric Mau, Nationally Board Certified Hypnotist and Co-owner of Watermark Hypnosis in Columbia, SC.

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If you've ever wondered about the power of hypnosis to change your mind, this energetic and power-packed call will demystify hypnosis, reframing it as a powerful (and fun!) tool for alleviating the stress, patterns and perceptions that sabotage happiness and success.