Children of Spirit ~ Empowering Spiritual Authenticity

podcast-maggie-self.jpgMaggie Self is the founder of children of spirit, an organization serving children and their parents, caregivers, home-school facilitators, educators, and communities. 

children of spirit offers a spiritual approach to the challenges of raising spirit-based children who are encouraged to be who they are, learn from the inside-out, from their interest and learning styles, allowing them to embrace and develop their natural talents and live in emotional freedom.

This amazing Belle with Balls was a recent guest on Simran Singh's 11:11 Talk Radio show. Listen as Maggie shares her passion and expertise in working with children.

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As an Intuitive Spiritual Coach and mentor for children in spirit-based parenting, Maggie provides counseling and "playshops" supporting parents to become sacred witnesses for their children, to create supportive loving relationships and family unification. Maggie has an inspiring DVD for parents and children called I Believe in Me, created to inspire each of us to remember our true nature... that inner light of our child of spirit.