Dr. Serenity Hawkfire - Changing Your Life on a Cellular Level!

podcast-serenity-hawkfire.jpgWa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa...

Folks, that's' the sound of the delightful, wildly narcissistic, media-grubbing psychic songologist Dr. Serenity Hawkfire. Determined to save souls, Dr. Hawkfire is on her Humble Guru Tour across America, leading participants through her Beyond Being Workshop.

Her landmark Wa Wa Work is "changing lives on a cellular level!" Some say this New Age guru has an ego the size of Chicago. What do you think?

Join Dr. Hawkfire and me for a li'l fun as she shares with wit and wisdom her greatest challenges as a guru, how she assists others as a licensed fecologist... and much, much more.

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