Creating Soulful Relationships Program

Learn to relate Soul to Soul

TTillustration.png'Unconditional Love is a human expression of the Divine, the love of the Creator that is our birthright. When a relationship reflects this light of Spirit, the Soul shines like a beacon, directing our course through the turbulent energy that is the world. ' ~ Grandfather While Elk

* Do you long for meaningful connections?
* Are relationship issues standing in the way of your happiness?
* Do you know how to be both vulnerable and powerful?

Growth and transformation cannot happen in a vacuum.  It is really through our relationships that we evolve not only our awareness of ourselves, but also our attitudes and behaviors.  

In this program you will gain extraordinary insights into the way relationships work, and that most of what needs to be done to improve them can be accomplished within ourselves.  

* Learn how to create relationships that are authentic, trusting and respectful of boundaries.  

* Learn to speak and act from your heart center.

* Learn how to resolve conflicts from the heart, without power-struggles or arguments, so that intimacy and closeness are ensured.

* Create a soulmate relationship with a willing partner who shares your spiritual path. 

* Learn how to honor the sanctity of the other's unique spiritual path. 

Join me for 4 transformative and 'rebel-utionary' hours of One-on-One Coaching and learn to create deep and meaningful relationships. You will receive your workbook, exercises and meditations for our journey together. Recordings of each session will also be provided. 

(This program is also offered as a One Day Workshop)
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