Tuck Your Self Away Expanded Retreat

Year-Long Coming Home Retreat Program

Tuck Your Self Away Expanded Retreat: You will immerse yourself in 4-Tuck Your Self Away Guided Retreats (2 full days & 3 nights) during the year. Your first retreat will be your Initiation & Grounding. Retreat. After your first retreat you will return at 3 months for an Immersion & Sacred Path Retreat. At 6 months you will immerse yourself in your Illumination & Expansion Retreat and bring your journey at 3 months to a close for your Intuition and Coming Home Retreat.

 During your Expanded Year Retreat you will have access to personal coaching and guidance twice a month. These hour sessions will take place by phone or Skype. Email support is also available along the way. You will also have membership access to all CD and DVD products pertaining to Spiritual Growth, Transformation and Human Energy Design. 

Your retreat house is situated 5 blocks and an easy walking distance from the ocean. It includes two bedrooms, two baths, a full kitchen and adjacent sitting area. The area is filled with parks, walking trails, gazebos, and turtle ponds for your journaling, contemplations and nature watching. 

Come Home to Your SELF......

                    * Self-Love  * Self-Illumination * Self-Mastery * Self-Design * 

* Looking for the perfect getaway....
* A place of solitude, serenity, color and beauty......
* How long has it been since you've loved yourself enough to focus on YOU?

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