A Quantum Conversation with the Blueprint of Your Soul

Do you know your direction in life?

hdchart.gifAre you ready to co-create at levels limited by YOUR own imagination?

Are you ready to open your heart to boundless possibilities and live a fabulous life?

Welcome to Human Energy Design- Your soul's personal blueprint for Living by Design.

Did you know that life gave you a personalized code, blueprint and instruction manual for Being Who YOU are? You have a unique choice making strategy for creating life, love and work that resonate with YOUR heart and soul. 

Your Sacred Blueprint gives inspired insight into the dynamics of your inner life. It powerfully illustrates which of your responses to life's events are intuitive and instinctive to you, and which are prompted by conditioning and energetic influences that surround you. 

Your blueprint reveals your gifts and talents, your purpose for being on the planet, and the patterns and vulnerabilities that live within you blocking your flow, ALL by your own soul's design. 

Engage in a Quantum Conversation with your soul. Discover your true nature and what you need to honor in your self to live authentically, and Be Who YOU Are!

Here's what you'll receive:

  • th_TuckSelfChart.pngOffer #1: Your Free Human Energy Design Chart to discover your personal unique imprinting.The Human Energy blueprint charts your birthdate, time of birth, and birth location.  As a gift, you'll receive Unlocking the Truth of Who You Are, a fun and informative e-course on the basic elements of your blueprint, and Human Energy Design.
  • Offer #2: Interview Recording of Human Energy Design - Christine Laureano & Tuck, The Rebel Belle, discuss how to use Human Design as a Strategy for Accessing Your Inner Power. 
  • th_RB-HDSK150.pngOffer #3: The Rebel Belle Human Energy Design Starter Kit: This introduction and quick-start guide to Human Energy Design (AKA The Rebel Belle's Freedom Tool) helps you read the revealing blueprint of your personal energy. Learn how to use this incredibly powerful tool for gaining insight and clarity into the dynamics of your inner life. 
  • Offer #4: Two 60 Minute 'Tuck Talk' Podcast Conversations on Human Design. Join The Rebel Belle & friends as they reveal the wisdom revealed in your design, and how you can use the information of your Type and Centers to empower your life.   
  • centers.gif
  • Offer #4: 3-Part (90 minute) Video & Audio Webinars Series Exploring the Basic Elements in a Human Design Chart: Learn about and explore the dynamics of Type, Centers, Definition, Profile & Authority. Includes video, audio, and hand outs

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