The Best of 'Tuck Talk' Webinar Package

Joy, Inspiration & Wisdom in 3 'Rebel-icious' ways!

2010-05-tuck-talk2.jpgLife is an amazing playground for saying YES! to the world. Yes to fabulous relationships, work, partnering, abundance, health and most of all FUN! ~ Tuck, The Rebel Belle 

I've packaged three of my most inspiring and empowering 'Tuck Talk' webinars for your discovery, transformation and enjoyment. 

Livin' in the G.A.P.!  Gratitude ~ Attitude ~ Perception!! 

This 60-minute 'Tuck Talk' shares how to empower your life to create freedom, fulfillment and fun!!
* Gratitude: How to live in a state of thankfulness & confirm your 'fabulousness'! 
* Attitude: How to open your heart & walk by faith, not by sight! 
* Perception: How to set your perceptive filter to LOVE rather than fear!   

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom & power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth & freedom."  ~ Victor Frankl 

Power, Genius & Magic 

This 60-minute 'Tuck Talk', reveals your:   
* POWER: Discover the Power of who you are! 
* GENIUS: Unleash your Genius with passion, purpose & a whole lot of play! 
* MAGIC:  Express your talent in service to others & experience the Magic that is YOU!    

'You are Powerful beyond measure. Inside each of you is a spark of Genius. Your Magic is limited only by the way you see yourself.' ~ Tuck, The Rebel Belle 

T.L.C.~ Transformation, Liberation & Celebration!

This juicy 60-minute 'Tuck Talk' will liberate your life from effort and struggle to create from your heart's desire. 
* Transformation:  How to identify & overcome your fears! 
* Liberation: How to release your conditioning with effortless ease! 
* Celebration: How to create from your heart's desire and play, play, play! 

'If you can't navigate a li'l change and transformation squeezin' a li'l juice along the way, or do it with a sense of fun and freedom you might as well stay stuck! '~ Tuck, The Rebel Belle  

'Tuck Talk' Program Packages include:

* 60 minute Downloadable Webinar DVD's 

* MP3 Recording of Tele-Class

* Transcription of Tele-Class 

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