The REBEL-UTION Work/Guide Book

A Woman's 'Rebelicious' Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression

I'm "rebeliciously" excited to welcome you to your personal "REBEL-UTION."

Take a leap of faith in yourself. Get ready for the juiciest shift of your lifetime. It's time to access your inner power, claim your voice and live on your terms!

The Rebel-ution GudeBook and Workbook was written to be your personal blueprint for living a fabulous life - one filled to the brim with passion, purpose and boatloads of play. It shares my unique and proven 7 step philosophy and journey to freedom, liberation and bold self -expression. Rebelution.jpg

On our li'l journey together, I'll guide you step by li'l step to own your power. Along the way, I'll be sharing personal stories and experiences to provide you with a glimpse of this real Rebel Belle's past struggles and ongoing path to liberation and self-empowerment. Each step includes 'rebel-utionized' tools and techniques gathered from years of mentoring with many of the greatest minds of the day.

If you are ready for the juiciest shift of your lifetime, grab your petticoat ruffles, and let's high step your way to a fun, fabulous and 'rebelutionary' life!

Hold onto your bonnet. Here's what you'll learn to do.....

*  Give yourself permission to be a li'l selfish
*  Lovingly celebrate your own uniqueness
*  Get what you want in life by listening to your spirit 
*  Discover your true passion and how to use it to serve the world
*  Tap into your "juicy source" and live from a place of intuitive authenticity
*  Learn how to move fearlessly toward your dreams
*  Inspire yourself every day to embrace uncertainty as the key to discovery
*  Unleash your inner rebel with passion, purpose and play!

 It's time for YOUR REBEL-UTION! 

Product includes:
* 152 Page GuideBook and WorkBook
* Downloadable Meditations, Play-Xercises and Play-Sheets
* MP3 'Tuck Talk' Recordings from Personal Growth Masters


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