The REBEL-UTION Home Study Program Package

Do-It-Yourself 'Rebel-ution' Coaching Package WEBINAR Series

Are you tired of struggling to get what you want?
Are you frustrated with living up to the rules, roles and expectations of others?
Would you like to live on your terms, fully trusting your own power to live  with passion, purpose and boatloads of play?

Welcome to YOUR personal 'Rebel-ution'. 

Rebelution.jpgThe Rebel Belle's 7 Steps to Livin' a "Rebelicious" Life!

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!" ~ K. Hepburn

The Rebel Belle Philosophy has seven "morpholicious" steps that can help you take a leap of faith in yourself, to find and trust your authentic voice, own who you and share your unique brand of rebel yell with the world - big, bold, outrageous and on your terms!

In our journey together,  I'll guide you to:

* Learn how to be a li'l selfish and lovingly celebrate your own uniqueness.
* Get what you want in life by listening to your spirit.
* Discover your true passion and how to use it to serve the world.
* Tap into your 'juicy source' and live from a place of intuitive authenticity.
* Learn how to move fearlessly toward your dreams.
* Inspire yourself every day to embrace uncertainty as the key to discovery.
* Unleash your inner rebel with passion, purpose and play!

Step by li'l step through this Do-It-Yourself 'Rebel-utionary' Blueprint, I'll show you how to claim your voice and discover the power of being YOU.

Here's what you'll receive:

The REBEL-UTION Guide/Work Book: 152 page PDF consists of personal stories and experiences to provide you with a glimpse of this real Rebel Belle's past struggles and ongoing path to liberation and self-empowerment. Each step includes 'rebel-utionized' tools and techniques, resources, worksheets and exercises to show you how to live your BellePower every day.

Your Personal 'Rebel-ution' Webinar Series:  In this 6 Module Pre-Recorded Webinar Series, I'll personally guide you to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression. In each 60 minute webinar & mp3 recording, you'll discover how to own your power, trust your voice and live on your terms to fully claim your 'Rebel-ution'.

Allow me to lift my skirt and show you a sneak peek of this 'rebel-utionary' program....

Owning Your Rebel!
Webinar One:
A Celebration of YOU!

In Step One you'll learn to put yourself first, and to love yourself unconditionally. You'll discover how to give yourself permission to be who YOU are and do what YOU love.

Liberating Your Rebel!
Webinar Two:
A Tissue for Your Issue!

In Step Two you'll learn how to make friends with fear, liberate yourself from past conditioning, and discover how to reclaim your power, passion & voice.

Claiming Your Rebel!
Webinar Three
: Passion, Purpose & Play!

In Step Three you'll learn who you are beyond the rules and roles of others. Find your passion, live on purpose and create a life with boatloads of play!

Juicin' Your Rebel!
Webinar Four:
Feel It, Feel It, Feel It!

In Step Four you'll learn that your soul is your source. Discover how to trust your feelings, tap your juicy source and work from your heart and a place of intuitive authenticity.

Unleash Your Rebel!
Webinar Five
: A Bold and Ballsy YOU!

In Step Five You'll learn to unleash your 'rebelicious' spirit, embrace uncertainty like your long lost lover, and ask for what you want to go boldly where no belle has ever gone before!

A Rebel With A Cause
Webinar Six:
When the Student is Ready....

In Step Six: Rebel Belle magically attracts what she needs for growth and fulfillment. Discover new direction and inspiration from guest mentors, and learn about the most 'rebel-utionary' system on the planet for Being Who You Are.

The Rebel-ution!
Webinar Seven:
Let Freedom Ring!

In Step Seven: You'll discover you're a brilliant, powerful & playful woman, that you're here to celebrate life, be happy, laugh a lot, and to squeeze as much juicy and joy from your journey as you possibly can.

Get Ready for Your REBEL-UTION!

If you are itching to wake your juicy spirit, liberate yourself from past conditioning to claim your power, passion & boldest voice of self-expression, I invite you to Claim Your BellePower & Live On Your Terms!!

Product Includes:

* 152 Page PDF REBEL-UTION Guide/Work Book
* Six - 60 Minute Downloadable Webinars for Each 'Rebel-utionary' Step
* Downloadable Meditations, Play-Exercises & Playsheets
* Six - MP3 'Tuck Talk' Recordings of Each Webinar Session
* MP3 'Tuck Talk' Recordings from Personal Growth Masters


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