Podcast Introduction to Human Energy Design

Human Design Conversations on Types & Centers

centers.gif*  Are you living powerfully from your gifts and talents, fully on purpose and boldly on your terms?

*  Do fears and limiting beliefs about getting life wrong limit your expression or stop you from moving forward?

What if there was an instruction manual that could guide and direct your choices, a map of your personal DNA that aligned and empowered your soul?

Welcome to Human Design your owner's manual for life, your energetic blueprint for getting what you want and unleashing a flow of energy that will change your life forever!

Human Design is the most powerful empowerment tool on the planet. It identifies your personality, gifts, talents, and purpose for being on the planet, and the patterns and vulnerabilities that live within you, all by your own soul's design.

You are here for a very specific reason. YOU designed your Human Energy in accordance with your intention to live a fabulous human life. Inherent in your personal Human Energy Design is your unique choice making strategy for making decisions that will empower your life.

Join Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle and friends for a li'l 'Tuck Talk'. This 'Tuck Talk' time includes TWO ONE-HOUR lively and informative conversations on Human Energy Design TYPES and CENTERS.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Five Definition Types - Learn detailed information and life experiences from individuals living the strategies for each individual type: Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector and Reflectory.
  • Nine Centers - Learn detailed information and life experiences from individuals carrying definition or not-self conditioning in each center: Mind, Awareness, Voice, Identity, Heart, Intuition, Emotion, Energy & Pressure.

Access the key to your inner power and unleash your juicy spirit. Embrace your wisdom in a whole, new empowering way, and experience the life you desire!

Join Tuck and friends. Discover your blueprint for empowering your soul! 

Product Includes:

* Two 60 minute mp3's
* Transcriptions for each 60 minute class
* PDF Summary Hand-out Type & Center Overview

Item #: RBHDR-1

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