Life by Design: 1- Year Mentorship

EmBODY Your Sacred Life Story


Welcome to Human Energy Design - Your Soul's Blueprint for Living by Design.....

Your Sacred Story and Personal Blueprint gives inspired insight into the dynamics of your inner life. It clearly illustrates which of your responses to life's events are intuitive and instinctive to you, and which are prompted by the energetic influences that surround you. It reveals your gifts and talents, your purpose for being on the planet, and the patterns and vulnerabilities that live within you blocking your flow, all by your own soul's design.

Discover your true nature and what you need to honor in your self to live YOUR Sacred Story authentically, and Be Who YOU Are. 

To get started....

Please provide the following information giving your birth time, date and location in order to calculate your Human Design Chart. Also provide the best email and time to contact you. I look forward to being in touch and working with you. 



(month, day, year)
Time of birth
(time, timezone)
Location of birth
(city, state, country)

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One Year Mentorship Includes:

* Package A and Package B Plus.......
* 12 Personal 60-minute sessions of One-on-One 'Tuck Talk' Time

* Comprehensive Written Report (20 page report)
* Explanation of Types, Centers & Definition
* Focus on your Life Code, Potentials & Specialization
* Discussion around Purpose, Partnerships and Prosperity
* Exploration of your Gene Key Hologentic Profile 
* Deep Dive into The Golden Pathway Sequences of Your Design
* $75 Coupon Towards any 'Tuck YourSELF Away Retreat
Includes 'Conversations with MySELF video recordings with Simran Singh exploring and interpreting the Human Design and Golden Pathway interpretation charts of Hitler, Caitlyn Jenner, Dalai Lama, Whitney Houston and Charlie Sheen



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