Personal Blueprint Overview PDF

PDF overview guide + included personal blueprint

th_RB-HDPBO.pngThis PDF overview will give you general information about your Human Design type and personal blueprint. When you order:

  1. You will receive an order confirmation via email.
  2. Please reply with your birthdate, time and place of birth.*
  3. Your personal blueprint and PDF overview will follow within 48 hours.

Your PDF Summary Overview of 20+ pages includes:

* Introduction and explanation of Human Design Types, Definition, Authority & Profile.
* Explanation of your personal Type
* Explanation of your Centers
* Your personal Definition Type, Authority and Profile
* Overview of your Channels & Gates
* Overview of Circuits and Planets

*If you previously received a personal blueprint, please let Tuck know in your response. 
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Pre-Requisites:Human Design Personal Blueprint
Item #: RB-HDPBO

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