The Pearl Sequence

Clarifying Vision and Authentic Service


The Pearl Sequence is the third and final aspect of the Golden Path. It opens up a pathway inside of you. It releases your prosperity, allowing you to understand and embody the true principles of philanthropy, the secret of all true prosperity. The Pearl is about 'being of service to something greater than ourselves', and using our highest gifts to help others. 

As you emerge from your journey through the Venus Sequence, released from any identification with your core wound, you experience a genuine exchange with the universe of giving and receiving your deepest gifts in synchronicity with the whole. The shadows that blocked you from living a liberating and prosperous life, now heightened, draw your closest allies to you so you can work together in service to a higher goal.

The Pearl Sequence is a MENTAL process of activating a new and clarifying vision on the mental plane. These codes of your higher purpose attract new opportunities to serve the whole. As the Pearl opens up your mental awareness you see the simplicity of life and move resources and energies into alignment. 

* Core Talent: Liberate your gift, talent, contribution and vocation.

* Culture: Attract your specific environment of people and communities.

* Voice/Brand: Reach others with your distinct and authentic voice.

* Pearl: Experience the abundant flow of life and truly be of service to the world. 

The Pearl concerns the birth of Collective Intelligence. It describes the manifestations of your highest forms of prosperity, and how you draw in the right allies in to manifest your higher purpose in community. 

This new higher collective consciousness is called The Synarchy. This occurs through synchronicity. Its principles are found upon Philanthropy. 

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