Human Design Personal Session

A 'Rebel-utionary' System for Being Who YOU Are!

th_RB-HDPBO.pngDo you know your direction in life?


Are you making decisions with confidence and ease?

Are you living powerfully from your talents and gifts?


There is a reason your life works the way it does!


Welcome to Human Energy Design (aka The Freedom Tool), your personal blueprint from your soul...


Did you know that life gave you an instruction manual for Being Who YOU Are? You have a personal blueprint and unique choice making strategy for creating life, love and work that resonate with YOUR heart and soul. 


The Human Design System is a powerful, practical and unique personality assessment tool that gives you inspired insight into the dynamics of your inner life. It clearly illustrates which of your responses to life's events are instinctive to you, and which are prompted by the energetic influences that surround you.


This powerful and 'rebel-utionary' tool will identify your personality, gifts and talents, your purpose for being on the planet, and the patterns and vulnerabilities that live within you blocking your flow, all by your own soul's design.

Discover your true nature and what you need to honor in your self to live authentically, and Be Who YOU Are!


One-on-One Human Design Coaching can be a life transforming experience.  With an in-depth look into all aspects of your Human Energy Design Chart, we will reveal your qualities, strengths, and the deepest gifts you are here to share with others. We will also identify the obstacles and conditioned behaviors that stand in your way, and the possibilities to empower your greatest potential. 

In your Coaching Session we will: 

* Identify your strengths, courage and mastery.

* Discover how to make the choices that are right for you with confidence and clarity.

* Reveal your greater purpose in life. 

* Learn where and why you hold back from sharing your gifts, strengths and talents with others.

* Empower your relationships and partnerships with others. 

* Bring focus to challenges and areas of struggle with money, career, health and relationships.

* Release old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.

* Align with your highest potential to bring freedom, fulfillment and fun into your life. 

Consultation includes:

  • Personal 90 min. session of one-on-one 'Tuck Talk' Time 

  • Overview of your personal blueprint (included)

  • Explanation of Centers, Types, Definition 

  • Focus on your personal Type, Life Strategy, Definition, Centers, Authority & Profile

  • Detail discussion and exploration of your gates, channels, lines and planetary influences 

  • Exploration of your circumstances, how to apply strategy to your life, and improve relationship to yourself and others

  • A recording of each session in an MP3 download 

  • Human Design starter kit (limited-time bonus!) 



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