The Gene Keys & Golden Pathway Personal Session

Discover your genius, Open your heart & release prosperity


The Hologenetic Profile:

YOU have a unique sacred geometry and holographic pattern deeply encoded in your DNA. Your Hologenetic Profile is the original blueprint that reveals your life story, and opens you fully to your own experience of life. Your Hologenetic Profile reveals 3 unique sequences of Gene Keys called The Golden Pathway.


Your Golden Pathway is a Threefold Journey of spiritual awakening that has a powerful bearing on your individual higher purpose, your relationship patterns and family dynamics, your health, well-being, and financial prosperity.

The Activation Sequence: Prime Gifts
The Activation Sequence in your Golden Pathway reveals your 4 Prime Gifts. As you walk this pathway of your greatest challenges and potentials, you become deeply grounded in yourself, and the full embodiment of your life's purpose and genius. Explore what holds you back in your life and relationships, and how you can release all patterns and limitations to fully live out your gifts and who you really are. 

The Venus Sequence:
The Venus Sequence is a pathway into the realm of relationships. This healing pathway supports you in expanding and opening your heart through connectedness, and releasing your core strategies and defense patterns for protecting yourself in relationship . As you heal, your heart will open to yourself and others. 

The Pearl Sequence:

The Pearl Sequence opens inside you and releases your Prosperity. It guides you to a deep understanding of your authentic core contribution and service to the world. As you emerge from your journey through the Venus Sequence, released from any identification with your core wound, you experience a genuine exchange with the universe of giving and receiving your deepest gifts in synchronicity with the whole.

Schedule your One-on-One Coaching Session (90-Min) for Your Golden Pathway voyage today.

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**** A Coaching Package is available for guidance and accountability throughout your Golden Pathway Voyage.

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