The Activation Sequence

Discovering Your Genius


The Activation Sequence in your Golden Pathway reveals the 4 Prime Gifts and Gene Keys that relate to your Creative Genius in life. Calculated from the position of the Sun when you were born, they form the foundation of your Hologenetic Profile. This sequence sets the foundation for your journey of transformation. 

Knowing your Prime Gifts, their challenges and potentials opens your life to higher dimensions in which your life's work and purpose become much clearer to you. As you walk the pathway of your greatest challenge and potential, you become deeply grounded in yourself. You explore what holds you back in life and relationships, and how to release all patterns and limitations to your radiance, to fully live out your gifts and who you really are. 

This Activation Sequence is a physical process of orienting you in your body and grounding you on the physical plane. As you move through this sequence 'doing' your work, and 'being your authentic self, you embody your Purpose, find your Core Stability and activate your Genius.     

Your Life's Work, Evolution, Radiance and Purpose ARE the living field of your genius imprinted into your DNA at conception. 

*Life's Work - Arena of your external work & expression

*Evolution - Single greatest life challenge and lesson

*Radiance - The flowering of your physical, mental and emotional potential & health

*Purpose - Your core stability and hidden gift and genius

Your pathway through the 4 Prime Gifts includes 3 Inner Realizations and leaps in awareness that unfold as you activate your higher purpose within your DNA: 

The Path of Challenge, Breakthrough and Core Stability. Thes are the triggers that catalyze your transformation. 

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