7- Step 'Rebel-utionary' HOME STUDY Coaching Program

7 Step Home Study Program for Livin' a 'Rebelicious' Life!

Rebelution.jpgIf you're not quite ready to take that leap of faith and schedule your personal 'Tuck Talk' Time.....

Have no fear.... The Rebel Belle is here!

Welcome to your Rebel Belle 'Do-It-Yourself' 7-Step 'Rebel-utionary' Home Study Program. Access your power and claim your dreams with moi' in the comfort of your own home. 

Get ready for change and transformation to begin. I'll guide you step by li'l step to overcome your fears so you can own your power, trust your boldest voice of self-expression and share it with the world...full out and on your terms.

Your Home Study Package includes books, exercises, interviews, and CD and Webinar recordings from my 7-Step 'Rebel-ution' Program SeriesAllow me to take you on a transformational journey to your Freedom, Liberation and Boldest Self-Expression!

* 152 Page PDF REBEL-UTION Guide/Work Book

* SIX - MP3 60 min. Downloadable 'Tuck Talk' Class Recordings to accompany each step

* SIX - 60 Minute Downloadable Webinars for Each 'Rebel-utionary' Step

* Downloadable Meditations, Play-Exercises & Playsheets
* MP3 'Tuck Talk' Downloadable Recordings from Interviews with Personal Growth Masters

* Rebel Belle Inspiration Postcard Series

* Hard copies of DVD and CD's available on request 

Item #: RB-STJ

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