Composite/Relationship Reading

It's Not Personal, It's Just Energy!

BillHillaryClintonChart.jpgHow you connect with another person, whether attraction, repulsion, domination or compromise, It's Never Personal, It's Just Energy.

Composite readings have the potential to provide deep understanding of the energy dynamics in relationships for couples, families, parents and children, business partners and friends.  

Energies exchange when people come together. Each individual expresses their unique nature bringing to the relationship all the thoughts, emotions and perspectives collected from a lifetime of experiences. Attempting to connect, relate, and integrate these two very independent energies, perspectives, and modes of behavior, can be a challenge.

Learn how to stay true to who you are, love the other person for who they are, and experience fulfilling, respectful and empowering relationships.

Discover who you are in relationships with others and the world, request your Relationship Composite Session.

Item #: RB-PBCR

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