Human Design Basic Elements Teleclass

Explore The Basic Elements of a Human Design Chart

Centers in design.bmpDid you know that your personality and its gifts, talents, and vulnerabilities are within you by design? Yes, by your own soul's design! You are here for a very specific reason. You may be surprised to learn that you designed your Human Energy in accordance with your intention to live a human life. And there is a way to chart, examine, and learn effective life-strategies inherent in your personal Human Energy Design!

The Human Design System gives you powerful insight into the dynamics of your rich and complex inner life. It clearly illustrates which of your responses to life's events are instinctive to you, and which are prompted by the energetic influences that surround you. 

As one of the most sophisticated profiling systems for personal transformation ever created, Human Design offers the gift of discovering your genius and highest potential for your one and only life. 

This Eight Part Online Class is intended to provide substantial understanding of the Human Design system and its components, and/or will serve as a foundation for those interested in becoming Human Design Initiates.

Class Outline:

Class One: The Foundation of Design: The Wheel and Body Graph. You will be introduced to the language of design, and the basic building blocks and elements of the body graph chart.

Class Two: The Centers: Learn how each center influences your responses to life and how definition or lack of definition helps to determine the impact of conditioning and how you interact with others. 

Class Three: The Centers: We continue with a deeper understanding of the nature and function of centers, what you are seeking and where you are prone to not be your authentic self. 

Class Four: Definition, Types and Modes: Definitions can be single, split, triple and quadruple split or no definition at all and manifesting, generating, projecting, reflecting depending on how the centers are defined and connectedDiscover your definition and how it operates to create the five possible types and modes (doing and waiting) of behavior.

Class Five: Definition, Types and Modes & Authority: We continue with a deeper understanding of definition and types, looking at pure types and how some definitions can have more than one type at the same time. We take a look at authority in a chart, the aspect that influences your decision-making.

Class Six: Astrology and The Planets: A look at the signs of the zodiac and planets, their keynotes, and how that energy colors the expression and conditioning in the individual chart. 

Class Seven: The 64 Gates and 36 Channels: The channels are where energy meets energy and are the key in understanding how the centers interact. Here we learn the 36 channels and the 64 possible gate activations

Class Eight: Overview and Summary: A review of chart components and dynamics and an opportunity for participants to ask questions and share insights about their own and others charts.  

Includes 8 weeks of class for 90 minutes each week. 

Class includes Mp3 Recordings, Workbook, Graphics and Summary Questions and Exercises for your practice and learning.   


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Pre-Requisites:Human Design Personal Blueprint
Item #: RB-HDMS
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