Human Design Circuits & Channels Teleclass

Explore the Deeper & Subtle Dynamics of a Human Design Chart

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Did you know that your personality and its gifts, talents, and vulnerabilities are within you by design? Yes, by your own soul's design! You are here for a very specific reason. You may be surprised to learn that you designed your Human Energy in accordance with your intention to live a human life. And there is a way to chart, examine, and learn effective life-strategies inherent in your personal Human Energy Design!

Human Design gives you powerful insight into the dynamics of your rich and complex inner life. It clearly illustrates which of your responses to life's events are instinctive to you and which are prompted by the energetic influences that surround you. 

This Eight Part Online Class is intended to provide an advanced understanding and study of the Human Design Circuits, Profiles and Composite Designs. In this course you will learn about awareness streams, energy formats and expression, and gain a comprehensive understanding of each Circuit in Human Design. You will learn how to do Personal Readings and Composite Readings for partnership and group dynamics. 

Class Outline:

Class One: Circuitry, Awareness Streams, Energy Formats and Expression: An introduction to the six circuits, major and minor, and their three groups: Learn how channel activation influences circuitry. 

Class Two: The Collective Circuitry:  An in depth look at the circuits of Sharing: The Understanding and Sensing Circuits.  

Class Three: The Individual Circuitry: An in depth look at the circuits of Empowerment: the Knowing and Centering Circuits, and the Integration Channels. 

Class Four: The Tribal Circuitry: An in depth look at the circuits of Support: the Ego and Defense Circuits.

Class Five; Crosses, Nodes and Profiles: Gain understanding of the tools in the human design that reveal life path and purpose.  

Class Six: Conditioning: Explore conditioning, the impact of others on the centers and the influence of planetary transits

Class Seven: Composites, Composite Connections: Learn how to read composite charts and explore relationship dynamics

Class Eight: Overview and Summary: Explore practical ways to utilize the information in Human Design to enhance relationships, career, health and everyday life. 

Includes 10 weeks of virtual class time for 90 minutes a week. 

Class includes Mp3 Recordings, Workbook, Graphics and Summary Questions and Exercises for your practice and learning.   


Pre-Requisites:Human Design Personal Blueprint
Item #: RB-HDCC
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