Recording Artist Cathy Bolton Proves Singing Can Feed the Soul... and Pay the Bills

Columbia, South Carolina - December 24, 2009 - This year marks singer-songwriter Cathy Bolton's 17th of earning income as a musician. Though she determined at a young age that music is her "divine purpose for being," one that brings joy to others, she has additionally learned that it's possible to earn a living through this creativity.  

Cathy knew as a six-year-old that music was her gift, that it touched people's hearts and lives no matter their gender, race, language, or life situation. Solo performances at mini-concerts, weddings, and memorials began her musical career, and by 19, she was regularly performing with pop/rock and country/rock groups.

Her first self-produced album debuted in 1993, and since, she has released additional albums and expanded her performance repertoire, all while building a family. Two of her songs were selected for a Windham Hill/BMG album called Conversations with God - Disc 2, which also featured famed recording artists Yanni, George Winston, and Jim Brickman.

Today, Bolton travels the world delivering music, stories and laughter that inspire. She serves as Music Director for the Conversations with God Foundation and has worked for the past 12 years with author Neale Donald Walsch, who says, "The joy, love, gentle wisdom, and deep insight that Cathy and her music bring to the space produces the miracle called healing. I'm always humbled and inspired by her."
Cathy Bolton will join the Tuck Talk radio show Monday, December 28 to share inspiring stories of her journey toward "singing the song of her soul." Listeners with questions are encouraged to call in.

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