Columbia's Rebel Belle Welcomes "Financial Alchemist" to Divulge Secrets for Creating Income in a Recession

Columbia, South Carolina - December 2, 2009 - The magnitude of Rhonda Byrne's best-selling The Secret, with over 4 million copies in print (ABC News), signals a newly mainstream openness to alternative ways of defining the effort required to manifest goals. Although the book and companion movie were only thrust into the spotlight after a 2007 endorsement by Oprah, the root Law of Attraction philosophy on which The Secret is based has been referenced in media as early as the late 1800s (New York Times, April 6, 1879) and used for centuries in different forms.

Andrea Hess is a money-manifesting expert and self-described "financial alchemist" who discovered that her natural ability to easily attract was not a common experience among others. She evaluated what she intuitively did to effortless achieve career goals, experimented with the results, and eventually developed her own unique methodology of manifestation. She has condensed her experiences into a three-part system: determining root issues that block success, encouraging the energy and environment for progress, and developing a business model that combines one's dreams with his intended purpose.

Hess will join the Tuck Talk radio show Monday, November 30 to share information about her personal journey that paved the path for creating her own manifestation philosophy. Listeners with questions about manifestation and generating income in a recession are encouraged to call in.

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