Want to Start a Home Business? Columbia's Rebel Belle Welcomes Home-Based Business Expert

Columbia, South Carolina - November 12, 2009 - With a bleak economic outlook, everyone is eager for opportunities for more income. Side work is a short-term necessity in some households, but the facts show that having a home-based business is a smart choice for long-term wealth.  

The $420+ billion home-business industry (Entrepreneur) significantly increases average household incomes for its workforce. For instance, nearly 90% of households with incomes greater than $80,000 have a home office, compared to 14% of those with incomes below $25,000 (Find/SVP). The average income for income-generating home-office households is over $60,000, which is a 10-15% increase over the US median household income (Interactive Data Corp).

Encouraging statistics are one thing, but knowing how to start a business and what that business will sell is another. Raven Blair Davis has made it her life's work to assist others in discovering and pursing their true passion and dreams in home-based business.  

Davis will join the Tuck Talk radio show on Monday, November 16 to share information from her new book, Broadcast Your Passions, which focuses on the selling power of the human voice. She crafted the book for those who desire to work from home, something she calls "turning their kitchen table into an office desk." This follows up a previous book dedicated to home-based business, Kitchen Table Radio: How To Produce, Post and Profit from Your Own Radio Show.
With over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, telemarketing, and customer management, Raven (nicknamed "The Telephone Diva") has become a trusted trainer, speaker, and coach. Noted Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Jack Canfield attests to her self-starting entrepreneurship, calling Raven "a rare combination of dynamic, spontaneous and fun, as well as thoroughly prepared, deeply insightful."
Davis also hosts the radio program Careers from the Kitchen Table on 1320 WARL AM and a second show on WBLQ FM that spotlights celebrities who give back in a big way. With experience gleaned from interviews with celebrities and businesspeople, including Montel Williams, Lindsay Wagner, Fran Drescher, and The Secret's Lisa Nichols, Raven also will share insider tips about show-hosting.
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