Is Obama's Potential for Success Written in His Genetic Code? Tuck Talk Discusses the Human Design System

Columbia, South Carolina - November 19, 2009 - As of last week, President Obama's approval rating is down to 53% (Gallup); however, most will agree that it's too early in his term to determine whether he will be historically regarded as an effective leader.

Karen Curry wrote an article in February 2009 called "Barack Obama, the Right Man for the Job," which suggests that the president's natural demeanor, personality, and talents make him a good leader who will serve as a catalyst for change and find new ways for individuals to fulfill their potential. This isn't just based on her opinion; Curry has predicted this success from studying Obama's Human Design chart, defining him as a Projector--a type born to inspire growth in others.

Combining elements of astrology, molecular biology, the I'Ching, and Hindu chakra, Human Design is a system of characterizing a person's psychology, vulnerabilities, talents, and strengths through a "blueprint" generated by charting their birthdate and place of birth. For proponents of the system, a person's Human Design "type" determines their best strategies for and common obstacles against success.

On Monday, November 23, Curry will join the Tuck Talk radio show to discuss this controversial modality. Beside the basics of the Human Design system, Curry will cover practical examples and provide more information for listeners who would like to learn their type or become Human Design specialists. Calls with questions about Human Design are welcome.

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