Columbia's Rebel Belle Welcomes Intuition Expert to Help People Discover Their Own Psychic Abilities

Columbia, South Carolina - November 5, 2009 - What if you knew how to see the future but lost everything anyway? Have you ever wondered why psychics don't rule the world or, at least, rise to the top of business?

At age 30, Joanna Garzilli, a gifted psychic medium, lost everything she owned. With rock-bottom self-esteem and a toxic relationship, she resigned herself to never having a successful career or meeting her soul mate. Caught up in "psychic sensationalism" that made her think success would come easily, Joanna couldn't understand why her gift that helped others served as a curse to her own life.  

A breakthrough came in facing her fears and denials, conquering low self-worth, and trusting her her intuition and applying it to her life. Now, she has overcome her obstacles and developed a belief that everyone has the gift. Her work is now focused on helping others connect with their own psychic spirits. Among her clients are Goldie Hawn, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.

Joanna will join the Tuck Talk radio show on Monday, November 9 to discuss her own experiences and offers advice for people to use their natural intuition to realize their dreams.

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