Looking for a Job? Columbia's 'Rebel Belle' Welcomes Questions for Frank Mallinder, Renowned Career Coach, on Tuck Talk Radio Show

Columbia, South Carolina - September 16, 2009 - Headlines and anecdotes alike suggest that jobs are scarce, pay is low, and times are tough for everyone. Why are some people able to move effortlessly into new positions and career paths while others find themselves stuck and scared of pursuing alternatives? Charlene Walker, Director of Career Services at Wright State University, says, "Candidates are finding jobs, but the job search is taking longer. Candidates need to start their job searches earlier, be adaptable and consider options."   

Meanwhile, books and services dedicated to the energy and spirituality aspects of a job search are at an all-time high: Amazon.com offers nearly 30,000 publications to aid job-seekers, while a Google search for "career coach" yields some 426 million results--and the Internet has made it easier for candidates to find advisers, e-books, and email workshops covering these topics.
Frank Mallinder, nationally known coach and creator of the successful Change Your Energy - Change Your Life tele-class, will appear on the Tuck Talk Internet radio show on September 21 to discuss how he identifies and changes "life patterns," a process that has been used to lead successful business builders in six of the United States' major network marketing companies and coach key executives in Fortune 500 companies. Before founding The Learning Institute, Mallinder held senior management positions in several prominent management development firms. With his forthcoming book, The Six Step Path - Your guide to a meaningful life, Mallinder aims to more broadly share his viewpoint of "creating the energy of success" through a combination of quantum physics, behavioral and positive psychology, and ancient spiritual traditions. (More about Frank Mallinder: www.wisecoach4u.com) 

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