Listen to Columbia's Rebel Belle to Learn How to... Listen?

Columbia, South Carolina - September 23, 2009 - According to a poll last week on, an overwhelming 90% of nearly 160,000 respondents believe that society is "in general becoming less civil." Perhaps with the mainstream prevalence of Twitter, blogging, email marketing, and other broadcasting tools, the majority feel there are too many people aimlessly shouting--and too few listening. With so much noise, tuning into the information sources one considers relevant and desirable becomes more difficult. Add in the fact that most of us listen at only 25% capacity, and misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and inefficiency are inevitable.

Dr. Carol McCall, Ph.D, author of Listen! There's a World Waiting to Be Heard (now in its fifth reprint), will join Tuck Talk September 28, 2009 to reveal insights from her 40-year devotion to personal development in the realm of listening and to share her style of "laser" communication. Those feeling unheard and those lost in the haze of too much input will benefit from this discussion of why and how to listen and what benefits arise from improving this skill.  

The founder of the Institute for Global Listening and Communication, Dr. Carol McCall is a therapist, social psychologist, trainer, and lecturer recognized as a pioneer of the coaching industry. She holds the highest designation of Master Certified Coach, M.C.C. from the International Coach Foundation. (More about McCall:

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