Are Life Purpose and Success Written in Our DNA?

Columbia, South Carolina - September 30, 2009 -Spiritual teacher, writer, and award-winning poet Richard Rudd believes that a person's DNA contains his life purpose, which, once "unlocked," becomes the person's genius. Rudd's Gene Keys is a "language designed to send a high-frequency impulse into your DNA to understand and unlock" life purpose and release genius to the world. Weird? Maybe. But consider this:  

For millennia, society has heard stories of human beings who live in "higher states of consciousness" - stages of deep peace, unconditional love, and inner silence. However, evidence that success is written in the genes is not just anecdotal; in fact, a 2006 study conducted jointly by St. Thomas Hospital (UK), Imperial College (UK), and Case Western Reserve University (US) suggests that even among twins, "family background and grown environment comparatively have lesser effect than genes on a person's success." When comparing (609 pairs of) identical and (657 pairs of) non-identical twins, the rate of gene action on entrepreneurship and environmental factors was much higher than only with twins and general population.

Richard Rudd, who founded Gene Keys with partners Teresa Collins and Marshall Lefferts, will join the Tuck Talk radio show this Monday, October 5, to discuss his philosophy and share ideas for tapping into DNA to "allow one to break out of the negative patterns in life and live within a higher field of consciousness."  

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