The Gene Keys

Are you ready to unlock your genius and higher purpose in life?Gene-Keys-book-cover.jpg

Are you ready to serve joyously and bounteously from your highest potential, with an opened heart and mind?

Are you ready to 'play' with others in a genuine exchange of your gifts, giving and receiving in synchronicity with the greater whole?

If your answer is a resounding YES......

Welcome to The Gene Keys, a living transmission and activation code to "playfully" guide you home, toward authenticity, self-acceptance and pure unbridled freedom.

  • Open your heart to life.
  • Take a leap of faith into the great unknown.
  • Journey into your deepest essence and awaken your inner genius.

If you've ever wanted to live at your highest potential holding nothing back, and recreate your life at levels limited ONLY by your IMAGINATION... It's time to create a new story... begin a new journey. Enter the mystery of who you are and unlock the higher purpose of your life hidden in your DNA.

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What is your Hologenetic Profile?

YOU have an original blueprint, a unique sacred geometry and holographic pattern deeply encoded in your DNA - your Hologenetic Profile. Your Hologenetic Profile is the original blueprint that reveals your life story, and opens you fully to your own experience of life. Calculated from the date, time and place of your birth, your Hologentic Profile reveals 3 unique sequences of Gene Keys called The Golden PathwayThe 3 Sequences are The Activation Sequence, The Venus Sequence and The Pearl Sequence. 

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Your Golden Pathway is a personal journey of spiritual awakening that has a powerful bearing on your individual higher purpose, your relationship patterns and family dynamics, your health, well-being, and financial prosperity.

The Activation Sequence reveals your 4 Prime Gifts. As you walk the pathway of your greatest challenges and potential, you become deeply grounded in yourself, and the full embodiment of your life's purpose and genius. You'll explore what holds you back and release all limitations to fully live out your gifts and who you really are.

The Venus Sequence is a pathway into the realm of relationships. This healing pathway supports you in expanding and opening your heart through connectedness. As you open your heart your core strategies and defense patterns for protecting yourself in relationship are revealed and released. As you heal, your heart will open to yourself and others. 

The Pearl Sequence opens inside you and releases your prosperity. It guides you to a deep understanding of your authentic core contribution and service to the world. As you emerge from your journey through the Venus Sequence, released from any identification with your core wound, you experience a genuine exchange with the universe of giving and receiving your deepest gifts in synchronicity with the whole.


As a Gene Keys Ambassador, I am delighted to offer individual Coaching and Mentoring Sessions to inspire, support and guide you through your Golden Pathway and the specific Pathway Sequences to empower your inner genius, open your heart to life and truly be of service to the world. Learn more about The Gene Keys here.

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