Human Design - A 'Rebel-utionary' System for Being Who YOU Are!

"Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small, you are in essence ignoring the owners manual your creator gave you and destroying your design." ~ Oprah Winfrey


Welcome to Human Design - the most 'rebel-utionary' personal empowerment tool on the planet. Your pathway for experiencing fulfillment and abundance in your relationships, finances, work and life.

Did you know that life gave you an instruction manual for Being Who YOU Are? You have a personal blueprint and unique choice making strategy for creating life, love and work that resonate with YOUR heart and soul.

What is this "personal blueprint" for life?

Join Rev. Patricia Brooks and me for a powerful, engaging & revealing interview & conversation about the brilliant system of Human Design. 

Human Energy Design (which I call "The Freedom Tool") is a powerful yet practical and unique personality assessment tool, one that has been the key to transformation, freedom, and bold self-expression in my life. When I was introduced to it, Human Design rocked my soul to the core so much that it became the foundation of my work and teachings.

How did it transform my world? My personal blueprint gave me permission to be me. For the first time in my life, I felt seen, heard and understood. My emotional nature was finally affirmed. My blueprint communicated to me that in making life choices I am to embrace, honor, and ride my wave of emotions to their natural conclusion of peace and balance. When I allow my moods and honor my wave, clarity will emerge. This is how I make decisions - honoring my moods!

Amazing! I spent my entire life trying to hide, stuff, deny and apologize for my moods and emotions. Hearing this was pure freedom and liberation to my ears.

I was also informed of a strategy for making choices and decisions that resonated through every fiber of my being.  My personal blueprint is a "Manifesting Generator". I have the genetic capacity to initiate and manifest whatever I want. My life strategy however, requires that I manifest only when something shows up in my life to respond to. Rather than forcing things to happen or using willpower to make things happen, I wait to respond and the "path of least resistance" synchronistically shows up. What a relief! I was clear I could manifest if I worked hard enough, but I always felt like a bull in a china shop.

Once again, this was pure freedom to my ears. I was "seeing" my truth for the first time and feeling empowered by the same characteristics and traits that others tried to suppress in me. This is only one element in the blueprint of my design that's part of the overall synthesis of my instruction and ownership manual.

Would you like to discover your personal blueprint for life, the key to your inner power and strength, and the one strategy for making choices that, when understood and applied, will transform any and all areas of your life?

testiandreaAmador.jpgListen to these testimonials! Discover your unique blueprint and voice of bold self-expression. Unleash your juicy spirit and experience the truth of who you are.

Life is a series of choices, decisions and responses to moments in time. When you know how to trust yourself and are confident in the choices you make, you align with your greatest power. Aligned with your power, you find your wings, you reclaim your passion, purpose and voice and life takes on ease and flow. You can enjoy the ride, embrace your freedom and fulfill your greatest vision - all on your terms! What a way to live!

The purpose of your personal blueprint is to empower you to live life on YOUR terms, according to your true nature, and to know what is correct for you without depending on anyone else. It is truly a tool for freedom and liberation.

If you are committed to:

• looking for answers outside of yourself
• searching for the next "best book or course" with the answers for your life
• playing the victim
• blaming others or your past for your current set of circumstances
• not taking responsibility for your gifts and talents AND your strengths and weaknesses...

...this program is NOT for you!

However, if you ARE ready to:

• live from your greatest strengths and talents
• align with and live from your power
• live with passion and purpose
• trust your inner power and truth
• empower your relationships, your finances, your job or career and squeeze every ounce of joy and juice from your journey as you can...

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Here's to your Personal Blueprint and the Boldest Expression of You!