THE Freedom Tool Personal Blueprint Reading & Consultation

For a limited time, I am offering your personal blueprint at no charge. To request your chart, click here.

A one-on-one personal blueprint consultation will allow us to explore your chart together and discover what it means: what energy type you are, and what is the best strategy for your life. This full reading allows a deeper look at your specific issues and how to use your chart to address your issues!

One-on-One Full Personal Blueprint Reading & Consultation (3 hrs)
A three-hour, in-depth exploration of your personal chart, with a discussion of your best life strategy and how it applies to the actual, specific circumstances of your life

Consultation includes:
  • Three (3) one-hour sessions of one-on-one time
  • Overview of your personal blueprint
  • Overview of Centers, Types & Definition
  • Focus on your Type & Definition
  • Explanation of your best life strategy
  • Exploration of your personal circumstances and
     how your strategy is applied to address your issues
  • All content from Personal Blueprint PDF Overview
  • Human Design starter kit (limited-time bonus!)

1-9 points: Wake Up!
$300 buy! Pre-requisite(s):
your personal blueprint (FREE)

Human Design starter kit