Would you like the strategy for accessing your inner power and strength?

Are you tired of struggling to get what you want?
Are you sick of not thriving in your relationships, pocketbook, job or life?
Would you like to live on your terms, fully trusting your power to know what’s “right” for you AND do it with passion, purpose and a large sense of play?

It’s time to rock your world!

Discover your personal blueprint for life and the key to your inner power and strength. Unlock the truth of who you are. Learn your one and only strategy for having all that you desire, full out and on your terms!

Have you ever wanted an instruction manual for your life, spouse, or kids? HERE IT IS! -Melissa FashnerWhat is this personal blueprint for life?

It is a powerful yet practical and unique personality assessment tool for self-discovery that has been the key to transformation, freedom and bold self-expression in my life. It’s the Human Energy Design System. When I was introduced to it, this tool “rocked my world” so much that it has become the foundation of my work and teachings.

This is a very self-empowering system of knowledge. From understanding my energy design, I have finally given myself permission to relax into the flow of life... ahhhhh. -Celia FoxWhy and how did it rock my world? My personal blueprint gave me permission to be me. For the first time in my life, I felt seen, heard and understood. My emotional nature was finally affirmed. My blueprint communicated to me that in making life choices I am to embrace, honor, and ride my wave of emotions to their natural conclusion of peace and balance. When I allow my moods and honor my wave, clarity will emerge. This is how I make decisions – honoring my moods!

Amazing! I spent my entire life trying to hide, stuff, deny and apologize for my moods and emotions. Hearing this was pure freedom and liberation to my ears.

Tuck's chartI was also informed of a strategy for making choices and decisions that resonated through every fiber of my being. My personal blueprint is a “Manifesting Generator.” I have the genetic capacity to initiate and manifest whatever I want. My life strategy however, requires that I manifest only when something shows up in my life to respond to. Rather than forcing things to happen or using willpower to make things happen, I wait to respond and the “path of least resistance” synchronistically shows up. What a relief! I was clear I could manifest if I worked hard enough, but I always felt like a bull in a china shop.

Again, pure freedom to my ears. I was “seeing” my truth for the first time and feeling empowered by the same characteristics and traits that others tried to suppress in me. This is only one element in the blueprint of my design that’s part of the overall synthesis of my instruction and ownership manual.

Freedom Tool testimonial from Andrea AmadorWould you like to discover your personal blueprint for life, the key to your inner power and strength, and the one strategy for making choices that, when understood and applied, will transform any and all areas of your life?

Listen to these testimonials!

Unlock the truth of who you are. Unlock your “BELLEPOWER!” Discover your unique blueprint and voice of bold self-expression. Experience the truth of who you are.

How can you discover your unique blueprint and design?

Freedom Tool testimonial from penny calcinaBegin by requesting a free copy of your personal blueprint and chart. You’ll be asked to provide your name, birth date (month, day, year), location of birth (city, state, country), and contact information. In addition to receiving your personalized chart, with our compliments you’ll also receive “The Keys to Unlocking the Truth of Who You Are,” a five-part e-course that discusses the basics of the Human Design System. 

Your personalized blueprint contains a tremendous amount of information unique and specific to you and your life path. To help you organize and personalize the information, I invite you to register for a One-on-One Full Personal Blueprint Reading & Consultation. Here’s what it is:

• Three-hour phone consultation (option of three 1-hour, two 1 1/2-hour, or one 3-hour session).
• Recorded session(s) made available for playback.
• 20-page document transcription of blueprint information.
• Detailed, in-depth reading and discussion of your blueprint.
• Identify and focus on your strengths, talents, gifts, passions, role and purpose in life.
• Identify the areas where you experience your issues and challenges.
• Discover where you are blocked, vulnerable and stuck in old patterns.
• Target specific areas of your life you may be struggling with, such as money, career, relationships, transition and life purpose.
• Learn your ONE simple strategy for getting what you want and aligning with the powerful energies within you.
• Discover how to thrive in your relationships and set boundaries without guilt or shame.
• Free yourself from all effort and struggle.
• Know and trust every aspect of who you are.
Human Design centers chartIf you’re ready for the ownership manual for life, click here to purchase your One-on-One Full Personal Blueprint Reading & Consultation.

So what is an opportunity to tap into your truest essence and power, reclaim your passion, purpose, and voice and live life on your terms worth to you?

Life is a series of choices, decisions and responses to moments in time. When you know how to trust yourself and are confident in the choices you make, you align with your greatest power. Aligned with your power, you find your wings, you reclaim your passion, purpose and voice and life takes on ease and flow. You can enjoy the ride, embrace your freedom and fulfill your greatest vision – all on your terms! What a way to live!

Not sure if you’re ready to live the life of your dreams, have everything you desire, and boldly express your unique voice to the world with passion, purpose and play?

The goal of your personal blueprint is to empower you to live life on YOUR terms, according to your true nature, and to know what is correct for you without depending on anyone else. It is truly a tool for freedom and liberation.

Human Design mandalaWARNING: We are not responsible for any damage that may occur in your life, due to your failure to follow the instructions in your ownership manual.

Just kidding... kind of! Your personal blueprint and instruction manual for life is the key to unlocking the truth of who you are and having all that you desire. If you are committed to:

• looking for answers outside of yourself
• searching for the next “best book or course” with the answers for your life
• playing the victim
• blaming others or your past for your current set of circumstances
• not taking responsibility for your gifts and talents AND your strengths and weaknesses...

...this program is NOT for you!

Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small, you are in essence ignoring the owner's manual your creator gave you and destroying your design. -Oprah WinfreyHowever, if you ARE ready to:

• live from your greatest strengths and talents
• align with and live from your power
• live with passion and purpose
• trust your inner power and truth
• empower your relationships, your finances, your job or career and squeeze every ounce of joy and juice from your journey as you can...

...then let’s get started!

To schedule your One-on-One Personal Blueprint Reading & Consultation, click here. As a bonus, you will receive Human Design starter kit (valued at $59), comprised of eight audio recordings and PDFs with information on the Human Design System, the five Types and an overview of each Center.

Guarantee: If you are not happy with your consultation, you are entitled to a 75% refund after the first session (but not after subsequent session).*

If you’re ready to discover your inner power, boldly express yourself to the world and live life on your terms – you are ready for your instruction manual, the personal blueprint for life.

Here’s to your Personal Blueprint and the Boldest Expression of You!

* To apply for your refund, send me an email with a brief explanation for your withdrawal from the program. Please see the guarantee guidelines toward the bottom of this page.