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May 8, 2009
Issue #23
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression
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Juicin’ a Life of JOY!

Are you feeling a li’l juicy in your life right now, or putting it off in anticipation of perfection?

What would happen if you could just let go? What if you could allow yourself to want anything your li’l heart desires, and regardless of circumstances, bathe in the joy of living life full out…right now… knowing that your juice would appear?

Would you shrink in fear and frustration about not having what you want? Or, would you embrace the yearning of your desires with joy, gusto and enthusiasm?

What if the manifestation of all your future dreams had everything to do with juicin’ your joy in this moment, right now... today?

Play with me for a moment: Recall the last time you truly felt JOYFUL. Go ahead close your eyes. Remember. Get in touch with that experience. Notice where you were, and what you were doing. Get a clear picture of that time and the feelings you were experiencing. Ahhh...

Now... I’ll bet you can even call up another memory where you felt JOYFUL, and another, and another, and another. Wow! I’ll bet you’re feeling fabulous right now!

So here’s a question for you: Was your life perfect at that time? When you were in that original feeling of being JOYFUL, had you reached your dream state in all areas of your life? Were your finances, relationships, body image or career exactly where you wanted them to be?

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Human Design – The Power to Create Your Life

Imagine living so boldly and authentically that you can:

• Discover your heart’s desire and go after it
• Identify where you’re blocked and boldly move forward
• Own your power to trust your choices
• Create empowering relationships that feed your soul
• Live in awe and wonder of yourself and your power to create your life

Perhaps you’re already doing that. If so, a Rebel Belle Yell! to you and congratulations.

If not, you might feel yucky! Maybe you struggle, forever pushing a rock uphill, never getting what you want no matter how hard you work, work, work and spin your wheels. Maybe you’re frustrated or angry, tired of watching others get what you know you’re capable of manifesting, disappointed and bitter that other people bask in the recognition that you so desperately desire and deserve. You KNOW you have what it takes but you just can’t figure out the HOW!

If so, I have a secret... discovering the HOW.

What would you say if I told you that the secret to manifesting what you want, generating it with ease, being recognized for your talents and knowing who you are is as simple as knowing your PERSONALITY TYPE?

It’s true. Your personality type is revealed in your DNA blueprint, Human Design, the most profound and practical tool for living your highest potential, and making choices and decisions that align with your soul.

I invite you to listen to a lively, empowering, dynamic, and informative Conversation on Human Design Types with Manifesting Generator Tuck Self, and her Manifestor, Generator and Projector friends.

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