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April 20, 2009
Issue #21
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression
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Are You Fully In Sync with Your Soul?

• Do you move through your days with the free-flowing spontaneity of intuition?

• Are you following your heart?

• Are you fully in-sync with your soul?

Folks, many women come to me feeling stuck, frustrated, and confused. They’re tired of the rules and roles that run their life. Exhausted from living up to the expectations of others, they’ve learned to suppress, hide, and deny their power.

Deep inside they know they’re more than these roles they’ve played, and they’re itching to unleash their power and rebel spirit. These women are looking for a catalyst, a support to make their juicy shift--in career, relationship, health, life--into one that feeds their soul. Then the fears show up...

That li’l voice in their head starts telling them they’re not good enough, they don’t know how, they might screw it up, they won’t be accepted or they won’t have support. Even worst, they don’t have permission to do what they want to do. Does this sound familiar to you?

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Unlock the Truth of Who You Are!

Human Design centers mapAre you living powerfully from your talents and gifts?

• Or, do your fears and limiting beliefs hold you back?

• Do you know your direction/purpose in life?

What if there was an instruction manual to guide and direct your choices, and a map of your personal DNA that aligned and empowered your soul?

Human Energy Design provides that map. A profound and revealing blueprint of your energy, it identifies your personality, gifts, talents and vulnerabilities within you, by your own soul’s design.

You are here for a very specific reason. You may be surprised to learn that YOU designed your Human Energy in accordance with your intention to live a human life. And, there is a way to chart, examine and unleash your effective life-strategies inherent in your personal Human Design. It’s all in your chart! 

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